One of the challenges of having global customers is characterized by the need to unite countries of different cultures and languages. It is necessary to take into account the extensive ability to tailor all the processes that we offer to our global customers, to be flexible and adaptable to non-homogeneous markets.

Jean-Marc MENAT Consulting works on strategic thinking and leadership of global seminars. All sessions are in English.

The WARGAME® and STRATGAME® processes are particularly appreciated by customers. They help to develop an overall strategic vision to complete and align the country on a common vision, while strengthening cohesion and cross teamwork.

The local versions will adapt the identified anti-competitive levers, at the global level, to the specific requirements of each country, while preserving the overall coherence.

The economies of scale of such an approach are substantial.


Other services that are offered to customers worldwide :

  • Global Strategy Council
  • Organizing and conducting seminars
  • Process declinable training in several countries
  • Individual or team coaching


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