Pharmaceuticals Qualitative Research and Tests

In a world of constant change, it is more essential than ever to understand the changing expectations of your customers, and to test the relevance and impact of your arguments and communication tools.

Jean-Marc MENAT Consulting offers qualitative studies and tests from health professionals that combine expertise in the health domain and methodologies tailored to these targets. Groups and individual interviews were conducted either by Dr Jean-Marc MENAT or by a senior leader. The findings are accompanied by concrete and actionable recommendations to optimize the tested materials.
Jean-Marc MENAT Consulting fully supports all logistical aspects of study: recruitment and compensation of participants, room bookings, catering, reporting formalities for health professionals, pharmaco vigilance, etc.

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Our methodologies vary according to the objectives of the study.


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Mini Triangulated Groups

The methodology of mini triangulated groups uses a specific method that is very effective in validating and optimizing your communication tools such as:

  • Business Support
  • Selling points
  • Communication Concept
  • Press Campaign

Our method enables:

  • Identification of the essential points of impact and levers arguments
  • Validation compliance with product positioning and communication objectives
  • Optimization of the clarity of the main message and specific arguments
  • Choice, if necessary, between different communication routes or using different tour versions
  • Clarification (s) profile (s) patient (s) correspondent (s) to the product
  • Assessment of the differentiation of your communication over competitors
  • Evaluation of the synergy between medical and press campaign


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Individual Interviews

Selecting the name of your brand is crucial; it is the basis of your communication.
It must be consistent with the therapeutic industry itself, but it has an impact on the irrationality of the customer.

Our methodology allows prioritization of the proposed names based on a set of relevant criteria:

  • memory ;
  • evoking the therapeutic universe ;
  • spontaneous support ;
  • projective universe ;
  • differentiation from competition ;
  • etc.

Some other examples of studies that we can achieve


Focus groups and/or in-depth interviews.

Understand the key decision-making process and interactions involved in the final choice of prescribing a product over another.


Individual interviews or boards of experts.

Personalized interviews to understand the fundamentals and trends of your strategic markets.


Customized methodology based on tested material.

Evaluation of symbolic power and attractiveness of your press campaigns, product or institution.


In-depth interviews.

Identify segmentations of customers, to address each of them individually.

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