WARGAME ® & STRATGAME ® for Pharma and Health

WARGAME® and STRATGAME® enable strategic foresight to deal with competitive threats, setting up concrete action plans and have strong positive impact on group cohesion.

Your brands operate in open markets, constantly changing, where new players come in regularly, and where the operating rules are increasingly unstable.

It is essential to prepare for new competitive threats without neglecting existing ones that may become more aggressive. Similarly, when entering a new market, it is essential to inform your staff a thorough knowledge aboutthe competitors they will face.

In all these situations, you ask strategic and tactical questions :

  • impact might competitive initiatives have on your own business ?
  • What arguments are based on power relationships ?
  • How do you defend or conquer your market share ?
  • How do your customers react to the arrival of one or more new (x) competitor(s) ?
  • What specific actions put in place and in what time period ?
  • Is your sales force technically and psychologically ready ?

The answers to these questions and resulting concrete initiatives can make a real difference in the face of competition from increasingly aggressive threats.


With over 10 years of hindsight, our WARGAME® and STRATGAME® processes allow you to anticipate competitive threats and define new winning strategies.

By training your new or existing head team competitors, you give them specific weapons that allow them to win every day, and the general emulation created by these processes allows you to build excitement about your brand in the relevant teams.

  • STRATGAME® is a strategic process that preferentially targets headquarters staff.
  • WARGAME® eis a more operational process that preferentially targets field teams.


It is very useful to allow sales teams to practice anti-competitive arguments they have produced. The SPEED DATING TRAINING method allows you to become familiarized with various situations quickly, through rotating role-playing games, in which each seller successively plays the role of the vendor or the customer.

Most of our WARGAME® and STRATGAME® sessions last between 1 and 2 days.
Mini-formats can be developed to last a half day for field variations.

WARGAME® and STRATGAME® allow you to develop a strategic vision to compete, aligning teams to a common vision while strengthening cohesion and team-building and promoting exchanges between headquarters and the field. The implementation of customized competitive intelligence can be a natural extension.

WARGAME® et STRATGAME® are EU and US registered trademarks.

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